The Taste of Fruity Gum

I'm sorry that can't be her. So I just won't be anyone anymore because everyone will be happier that way.
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  • “ It’s 3.47am and I miss you just like I did last week at 2.15 in the afternoon when I remembered the last time you told me you wanted me and you meant it. It’s 3.47am and I should be sleeping but all I can think about is how you used to smile when I told you you were beautiful and the way you held me tight and said you would never let me go but I guess things change and people move on and now you’re sleeping and I’m lying awake thinking about you. ”

    —    I wish I was sleeping - 3.47am 06/05/14 (via jackieetran)

    (Source: curiovsly, via graaaceyoojinlee)

    omfg firstly you're absolutely gorgeous, and secondly both your blogs are perfect, you're such a great photographer

    Omigosh ^.^ thank you so much I really appreciate that! I hope you have a great day~

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